Lash and Brow Curling/ Lifting Lotion 15ml

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Ruthie Belle's Organic Lash & Brow Lifting Lotion is the lash world's first and only truly organic lifting lotion. Our formula achieves the same sky-high results as those old-school lifting lotions with earth and lash-friendly ingredients like cysteamine and plant-based amino acids.

Our Organic Lash & Brow Lifting Lotion is different from every other lifting lotion on the market because instead of damaging and dehydrating, our gentle formula nourishes lashes and brows. It's like a mini spa treatment in a lash lift, so your clients leave with lashes that are stronger and healthier than the ones they came in with!

And our Lifting Lotion is so gentle, it's literally impossible to overprocess lashes! (Trust us, we've tried!)


Our Lifting lotion needs very short processing times while keeping the health of lashes priority No.1. It gently opens lash cuticles while keeping the pH as close to neutral as possible to avoid causing damage to lashes. Before/after slider in the product pictures were done after just one treatment. The effect lasts about 6-8 weeks but due to the super mild composition of the ingredients, the treatment may be repeated at any time.


Apply with a lip wand or microfiber brush from the outer corner inwards, from base to tip. Use approx 3 pumps per treatment.


processing time: regular lashes: 6min
processing time: long/strong lashes: 7min
processing time: extra long/extra strong lashes: 8min

The period after opening: 6m
One syringe is enough for approximately 30 treatments.