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Zoom Lint Free Gel Eyepad

Lint Free Gel Eyepad



This product is lint-free, flexible, lightweight and comfortable. The eye pads holds firm to the skin during application and then releases easily after.

  • 20 pairs included

What are eye pads?

Eye pads are an essential tool for any lash artist when it comes to lash application. They provide a depth of support and comfort to the client, while also helping create a clean and precise look. They help customers get the look they want without the mess and fuss. Eye pads are used to keep customers comfortable during applications. The dimensions of eye pads vary, depending on the specific needs of customers. Some customers may require larger eye pads for a more even application, while others may prefer smaller ones for a more precise look. When selecting eye pads for customers, it's important to keep their individual needs in mind and stock up on the right sizes accordingly. With reviews and people posting across social media platforms, many professional lash techs have found that using eye pads has improved their results when doing lash applications. These eyepads are extremely beneficial in making your lash work look its best.

Why use eye pads?

Eyepads provide a layer of protection between the sensitive skin of the eyelid and the adhesive used for applications. Without using eyepads, clients may experience irritation or discomfort due to coming into contact with the adhesive directly on their skin. Eyepads also help keep lashes in place by providing a barrier between the eyelids and the lashes. To ensure comfort for clients, most lash technicians opt for hypoallergenic eyepads that are specifically designed to reduce irritation and discomfort. By using eyepads during applications, clients can feel more comfortable knowing that their sensitive skin is being protected from potential irritation caused by direct contact with the adhesive. Eyepads are a must for lash applications, as they help create a safe and comfortable environment for both the technician and the client.

What are the differences between foam pads and silicone pads?

Eyepads come in two flexible types to cater to the needs of eyelash technicians. The first type is flexible silicone pads, which are designed to be comfortable and adhere well to the face without slipping. They are also reusable, making them a cost-effective option that can be used multiple times. The second type of eyepad available is foam pads, which are made with a flexible foam material. They are easy to apply, and provide a more comfortable fit than silicone pads. However, they are not reusable and must be replaced after each use. Both flexible silicone pads and foam pads vary in price depending on the brand and size of pad. Ultimately it is up to the technician to decide which type of pad works best for their application process.

How do I apply eye pads?

Eyepads are intended to be used when applying lash extensions or false eyelashes. They keep the area around the eyes clean and free from any adhesive residue. To apply the pads, start by cleansing your eyelids and surrounding area with a makeup remover or mild soap and water. Then, place the eyepads over the lower lashes, taking care to ensure that they are centered. Secure the pads by pressing them gently against on the skin. It is important to note that the pads should not be pressed too firmly as this can cause discomfort or damage to the delicate eye area. Watching a few tutorial videos to learn how to properly apply the eyepads correctly is recommended for a perfect application. Once the lashes are applied, it's definitely a beautiful site to see!

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Lint Free Gel Eyepad



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