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Founded 2017

Beyoutiful Wandz

Every month hundreds of eyelash professionals purchase their lashes, adhesives, aftercare, and tools from us, because we provide the BEST products, pricing and customer service!

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I'm the founder :)

Katie Allen

Eyelash professionals trust me because I have their best interest in mind. I know which products are the very best and I offer fast shipping and great customer service.

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Beyoutiful Wandz

Our Story

A few years ago I made a life-changing decision to move my family from Colorado to Georgia for work opportunities that would benefit us all in the long run. With a degree in criminal justice and experience as a probation officer, I was able to secure an annual salary of $28K when we arrived here in Georgia.

My husband and I were barely making it, living day to day with not enough money. We needed a different approach! Thankfully, my mother-in-law loaned me the funds so I could start classes to become an expert eyelash artist. Taking that leap of faith changed everything; now we have the financial stability we need for our family's future.

I was desperate to make a name for myself within the lash industry, so I joined every Facebook group and page related to lashes. Then one day, when admiring some of these cute little wands made by an Australian company, a light bulb went off in my head: why not create those same products that seemed so popular? Although I had no customers yet at the time, this proved to be an incredibly wise decision.

After a lot of trial and error, I finally perfected my first lash wand! Thrilled with the result, I posted pictures of it on various Facebook pages to share my accomplishment. People kept asking me if they could buy them and that's when the light bulb went off in my head. Here was an opportunity to make some extra money since bills were piling up and we weren't sure how we'd pay rent each month. So, without hesitation, I took this project seriously; staying awake for hours making wands while learning the ropes about customer service, selling techniques as well as promotion and advertising tactics. Eventually things got so busy that I had no choice but to drop out of school in order to focus entirely on this business venture.

After six years of dedication and hard work, I'm proud to say that Beyoutiful Wandz is now a successful six-figure company! Achievement doesn't fall into our laps; it needs to be sought with passion and tended to with determination. If you truly desire something, go after it, you'll only regret the opportunities you neglected! A huge thank you goes out to all those who have supported me on my journey so far in making Beyoutiful Wandz what it is today.

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I've ordered from Beyoutiful Wandz since I started lashing, they NEVER disappoint! 10/10 recommend!

Victoria Rodriguez

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