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Zoom Light Brown Lashes 6D
Zoom Light Brown Lashes 6D

Light Brown Lashes 6D

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These 100% handmade fans are made from the highest quality Korean Fiber. This listing is for light brown lashes, we also have a page for dark brown lashes.

Brown Promade fans! They have amazing retention and curl. The long stem makes for easier application and retention.

  • XL: Approximately 660 fans per tray
  • Mix Tray: 7mm-14mm
  • 07 Diameter

Why brown eyelash extensions?

Are you considering eyelash extensions, but hesitant because of the restricted color options? Most retail stores only sell black in stock to clients — so are eyelash extensions always jet-black? Not necessarily.

Whether you're looking to make a bold statement with your beautiful lashes, or just add some extra curl and drama to your outer corners, eyelash extensions are the ultimate way to upgrade and redefine natural lashes - as often as desired!

Contrary to popular belief, eyelash extensions are not only available in one color! Not just the classic black lashes but also a wide range of colors and shades like brown can be found. Brown ones have become extremely fashionable recently for their natural appeal. They provide an effortless yet distinct flair that truly elevates any look.

People opt for brown eyelash extensions over black ones for a plethora of reasons. Most commonly, they seek fuller and more opulent lashes - but the same logic applies to any color of lash extension!

In the brown vs. black eyelash extensions dilemma, people may opt for the former for various reasons - it could be to get a more natural or softer look, or to have an exclusive appearance; there can also simply be personal preference involved.

Who are brown lash extensions for?

Black lashes and false eyelashes can instantly amplify the look of anyone's eyes, but there are individuals who may not be able to pull off this dramatic hue. If you have light hair or are fair skinned, black lash extensions may contrast with your complexion in a way that doesn't make sense for you. It would then defeat the purpose of getting eyelash extensions if you were to apply mascara over them afterwards anyway.

If your a blonde or redhead, why waste time applying false eyelashes or mascara to change the color of your eyelashes when you can get brown eyelash extensions instead? Worry no more about the type of mascara – oil-based or water-based - with these convenient alternatives. With various shades available, you'll be able to easily find a shade that suits your preference and enhances your natural beauty!

Brown extensions not only create a more subtle appearance for those with lighter skin tones or hair, but are also ideal for people who prefer an understated lash look. Even if you have darker locks, brown eyelash extensions may still be the perfect choice - providing a natural and effortless style without being too conspicuous.

Brown eyelash extensions are the perfect balance of beauty and subtlety that many desire. They bring out your natural features without being too over-the-top, making them incredibly popular for those who want a more subdued lash look. Furthermore, brown eyelashes can be used to switch up colors from everyday makeup or mascara and don't require nearly as much maintenance; an ideal choice if you're looking for something low effort!

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Light Brown Lashes 6D

$25.00 Regular price $34.00


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