The Isolator

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The Isolator 

Who wants to cut their lashing time in half??
Checkout the newest genius technique in the industry.
Beyoutiful Wandz - Isolator helps you lash faster then you ever thought possible!!

✅special tape is designed to hold lashes up and away from the unlashed lashes
✅simply secured the lashed eyelash to the tape and easily see and lash the next lash!!
✅ this special tape is super secure yet gentle so they can easily be removed of the tape once all lashes are lashed

✅ specially designed to also easily pull up the eye lid to reach the pesky inner and outer corners !!

✅Get yours only at Beyoutiful Wandz !!

Hypoallergenic and skin safe. They provide a comfortable lashing application without irritation to customers. 
They are water proof and non gliding.

Made in the US.

20 pairs.