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The ultimate guide to using a spoolie brush for perfect lashes and brows

Do you dream of having perfectly shaped brows that accentuate your features and frame your face? A spoolie brush is your secret weapon to achieving flawless lashes and brows! In this guide, we will uncover expert tips and tricks for using a spoolie brush, from shaping and filling. A spoolie brush is not only great for perfecting your brows but also for enhancing your lashes. From mascara application to lash extension care, this versatile tool has you covered. Get ready to elevate your lash and brow game to a whole new level!

Key takeaways

  • A spoolie brush is an essential tool for attaining a well groomed look with its long handle, tapered head, and soft synthetic bristles.

  • Expert tips include taming unruly hairs with gel/wax/pomade and enhancing natural shape by filling sparse areas with pencil or powder.

spoolie brush

The basics of a spoolie brush

Anyone aiming for properly groomed lashes and well shaped brows will find a spoolie brush to be an invaluable tool. Its long handle and tapered head, featuring soft and flexible synthetic bristles, make it a versatile tool for grooming eyebrows and applying brow products with precision.

Synthetic bristles

The spoolie brush’s synthetic bristles are gentle on the skin while simultaneously providing precision in application and blending. Crafted from materials like polyester or nylon, these bristles provide durability and flexibility, ensuring that you can create hair like strokes with ease and shape your brows to perfection.

Angled brow brush

The spoolie brush’s angled design is well suited for precise brow shaping and is instrumental in achieving a well defined brow shape. The small, narrow brush with stiff bristles is ideal for applying brow powder or pomade, allowing for the creation of natural looking hair like strokes to fill in and shape the brows.

Remember to start at the inner corner of the brow and work outward, using light, feathery strokes for the most natural appearance.

Precision application

A spoolie brush stands out as a definitive tool for precise application in any brow routine. Its small, tapered head and soft, flexible bristles allow for a natural look and the ability to create hair like strokes, blend, and fill in sparse areas of your eyebrows.

For optimal results, it’s advisable to start with clean, dry brows and apply the right quantity of product to maintain a natural appearance. With a spoolie brush in hand, you’ll be able to create polished, flawless brows every time.

spoolie brush

How to use a spoolie for shaping and filling brows

With a spoolie brush at your disposal, perfect brows are within easy reach. This versatile tool can be used to shape and groom your brows, as well as to apply brow powder or pomade for filling in sparse areas.

A gentle comb through your brows with the spoolie brush allows for product blending, resulting in a natural, seamless finish.

spoolie brush

Choosing brow powder or pomade

Your choice between brow powder and pomade should be guided by the look you aim for and the time you can allocate for application. Brow powder is perfect for a more natural look and quicker application, while pomade is ideal for a more dramatic look and requires more time to apply.

No matter which product you choose, remember to apply with a light hand and blend with a spoolie brush for a natural looking finish.

Creating hair like strokes

For natural looking brows, it is indispensable to create hair like strokes. Start by brushing your eyebrows with a clean spoolie brush to remove any excess product or powder.

Next, use a slightly waxy or creamy eyebrow pencil to create small, light strokes, focusing on filling in sparse areas and creating definition. Finish by gently brushing through your brows with the spoolie brush once more to blend and soften the strokes for a more natural finish.

Blending for a natural look

When aiming for a natural look for your brows, blending is instrumental. To blend your brow product, whether it’s powder or pencil, follow these steps:

  1. Apply a small amount of product to your brows.

  2. Gently brush through your brows with the spoolie brush in a circular motion.

  3. Seamlessly blend the product and create a natural finish.

spoolie brush

Spoolie brush techniques for eyelashes

Applying mascara with a spoolie brush can help ensure even application and accentuate the definition of your lashes. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by applying mascara to your lashes using the mascara wand.

  2. Take a clean spoolie brush and gently comb through your lashes to separate and define them.

  3. Remove any clumps and create a more natural, separated appearance.

Lash extensions care

A spoolie brush makes lash extension care effortless. To keep your extensions looking their best, ensure they are dry and clean by gently wiping away any makeup or dirt with a clean, dry cloth.

Then, use a clean spoolie brush with soft, synthetic bristles to comb through your lashes from above the lash line, starting at the root and moving gently towards the tip. This will help to keep your lash extensions tangle free and looking their best.

spoolie brush

Comb and separate technique

For perfectly defined lashes, the comb and separate technique is indispensable. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with freshly groomed brows or lashes.

  2. Hold the spoolie brush at an angle.

  3. Gently brush through your lashes using a rolling motion, separating any clumps or tangles.

Repeat the combing and separating motion until you achieve the desired look, and enjoy beautifully defined, clump free lashes.

Cleaning and maintaining your spoolie brush

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your spoolie brush, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial. Keep your spoolie brush in top shape by following simple cleaning techniques such as:

  • Rinsing with warm water.

  • Using the soap and groom method.

  • Properly drying and storing your brush.

Warm water rinse

A warm water rinse of your spoolie brush is crucial for eliminating any remaining product and achieving an in depth clean. Start by rinsing the brush under warm water, then gently massage the bristles with your fingers to remove any product residue.

Continue rinsing the brush until the water runs clear, ensuring all product has been removed.

Soap and groom method

To deep clean your spoolie brush using the soap and groom method, follow these steps:

  1. Fill a bowl or sink with warm water.

  2. Add a small amount of mild soap or shampoo to the water.

  3. Submerge your brush in the soapy water.

  4. Swirl the brush around to effectively remove any makeup residue.

Gently scrub the bristles with your fingers or a clean brush cleaning pad to ensure a thorough clean. Rinse the brush thoroughly under warm water to remove any remaining soap.

Drying and storage tips

To maintain the quality of your spoolie brush, it’s crucial to ensure it’s properly dried and stored. After cleaning, gently pat the brush with a clean towel to remove any excess moisture, being careful not to rub the bristles too hard to prevent damage.

Lay the spoolie brush flat on a clean surface to dry, and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve the brush’s integrity.

Expert tips and tricks for perfect brows

Perfecting your brows is an art. With the appropriate tools and techniques, you can become a master. From taming unruly brow hairs to enhancing your natural brow shape and adding the perfect finishing touches, our expert tips and tricks will help you create brows that are nothing short of perfection.

Taming unruly brow hairs

Taming unruly brow hairs and achieving perfectly shape brows begins with brushing them in their growth direction using a spoolie brush.

Next, apply a brow gel, wax, or pomade to help keep the hairs in place. This simple technique can make all the difference in achieving polished, perfect brows.

Enhancing natural brow shape

spoolie brush

Enhancing your natural brow shape starts with an upward brush of your brow hairs using a spoolie brush. This will help you identify the natural shape of your brows and any sparse areas.

Then, use a brow pencil or powder to fill in any gaps and create a more defined shape. By following these steps, you can accentuate and define your natural brow shape for a more polished and refined appearance.

spoolie brush


In conclusion, spoolie brushes are an indispensable tool for achieving perfect lashes and brows. This versatile brush can help you create a polished and refined appearance. Remember to keep your spoolie brush clean and well maintained to ensure the best results. With the right techniques and a high quality spoolie brush, you’ll be on your way to flawless lashes and brows in no time.

spoolie brush

Frequently asked questions

What is a spoolie?

A spoolie is a small, plastic brush that is typically used to groom lashes or eyebrows. It can help blend, shape and fill in sparse areas to achieve natural looking brows or trendy styles like brushed up brows.

Is mascara wand same as spoolie?

Yes, a spoolie is the same as a mascara wand, as it has a tapered head and soft bristles and can be used to shape or groom lashes and eyebrows. However, it does not come with any mascara on it.

How many times can you use a spoolie?

You can use a spoolie multiple times before disposing of it, making it a great travel friendly choice for personal use or as a makeup artist.

How to clean a spoolie?

Clean your spoolie by rinsing it under warm water, then adding a drop of cleanser to your palm and gently massaging the tips of the bristles. Rinse off any suds under the water until they are completely gone.

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